Why Choosing a Guitar of Mine

On this page you can find detailed informations about my production and my work philosophy. I want my clients to know as much as possible about my products, so that they are aware of what they are buying.



Every musician knows that each guitar is different, with its own character and style. While an industrially produced guitar is serial and standardised, a lutherie guitar is unique and special.
As artisan I take care of each phase of the production (choosing of the woods, planning, marquetry, etc.) to guarantee the best quality.



Can a good cook prepare a good meal without using fresh, healthy and natural ingredients? I do not think so.
The choosing of woods is as well a fundamental phase of my work.
Wood has more influence than any other material on the sound. I build a few guitars in a year and therefore I can select wood, considering its origins, the cut, the aging and how each piece reacts to induced solicitations.
Industrial production requires a selection of woods which considers costs and streamlining, in order to increase the production reducing the costs.
If you want a guitar that plays well you just have to choose the right wood!
I use only best quality woods that have been aging for at least ten years. Moreover I choose woods which come from controlled forests, in order to respect the ecosystem.
My instruments are built with the best materials, because I have been choosing them carefully since ten years. I do not use protected woods and in danger of extinction as brasilian rosewood.

I use many woods coming from every continent that you can find listed in the description of each model. I prefer red italian spruce (known also as resonance spruce) and I use it to build the soundboard, the real motor of the guitar. It is a wooden essence which sound qualities have been always appreciated worldwide.
Antonio Stradivari himself used this wood for his violins and many are the luthiers in the world that use it for their instruments.
Lightness, mechanical resistance and malleability are the characteristics of this wood, that if stimulated from the strings’ vibration when moved by the vibration of the string can excite more tonal characteristics. Moreover its features improve with the passing of time, the more it vibrates the more its sound characteristics increase.



My guitars are entirely handmade and therefore the quality standards are high, because I have no deadlines. I can dedicate my time entirely to every phase of the building process and my guitars can be customised according to the client’s needs.
Do you want a model with a larger fretboard? Short scale length? A different rose or a special marquetry that you designed yourself?
All the most famous guitarist asked a luthier to realize “their” instrument.
We can realize together the guitar you always wanted to have!



Musical instruments are fragile, wood is a material which is influenced by the climate conditions and therefore its structure is always changing.
Especially a guitar is a fragile instrument, therefore I take care of the structure I am using, in order to guarantee more stability in case of temperature leap.
During the whole building process each guitar is assembled in rooms in with controlled humidity.
The long seasoning of the woods contributes to make the instrument more stable.
We live in a disposable society and therefore I want to offer a long lasting guitar which can be used also by the future generations and which gives the client a guarantee of a good purchase.



It is difficult to talk about sound, because everyone perceives it in a different way according to the emotions it awakens. A sound is considered beautiful according to one’s thoughts and/or feelings and is therefore a very personal opinion.
There are anyway some characteristics that can be considered quality criterions for a guitar, such as balance, sustain, quantity and quality of harmonics, volume.
Most of the times these characteristics are modulated by the luthier when he is building the guitar, according to his experience.
I use electronic devices such as the spectrum analyzer to exalt the typical frequencies of the wood with which I am working. Thanks to this process I can reach high quality standards and satisfy the needs of my clients.



When I go to the supermarket I always read the label, because I want to know what I am buying.
I prefer to buy coffee with a declared origin: where and how the plants were cultivated and how coffee was then produced. I am sure you also do the same.
Nevertheless we cannot know every detail of what we are buying, therefore I always explain to my clients what I am doing and how I do it. I invite you in my workshop to see how a guitar is born, it is not only an exciting experience but also a chance to see what you are buying. Smelling the wood and seeing the building techniques lead you in a new dimension, maybe back in time, far away from the stressing world to which we are used to. Moreover this experience makes the guitarist aware of his/her choice and build a relationship with the luthier based upon trust.
Unfortunately the distance prevents many times the client to come into my workshop, therefore I give as much information as possible on my website and I encourage you to contact me for any question, information or just curiosity.