Each object needs fixing or upkeep at a certain point, for different reasons. A musical instrument, especially a guitar, is fragile and needs periodically to be controlled.
I do every kind of fixing and upkeep on every kind of plucked instruments (guitars, basses, mandolins, lutes, etc.), such as wood replacement, varnishing, mechanics and electronics repair, finalising, custom works.
I have a very long experience in fixing, reinforced by my skills as luthier and restorer, two different approaches that I connect to find the best solution.


The cost of the work is elaborated after a careful analysis of the instrument, in order to keep the same price until the end of the work.
It is better to come into my workshop, so that I can analyse the amount of work necessary to be done. If you cannot come over, you can send me the instrument or eventually some detailed photos. I will try to give you a feedback about the work and the costs as soon as possible.
Please contact me and I will give you soon an estimate with no obligation!


I know what it means to need your own instrument, therefore I try to reduce the waiting time, so that the musician can have his/her object to work and have fun as soon as possible.
I usually need between 7 and 20 days to deliver a carefully built, fixed or restored guitar, according to the kind of work needed.
The delivery time is defined at the moment of the estimation, if a work is urgent it will be more expensive, as I will be doing it outside the normal working time, in order to be on time with all requests.
The fixed instruments have to be collected at the deadline we agreed.
You can send me instruments to fix from Italy and from every other country abroad.