Who I am

My name is Lucio Bettiol and I have been building guitars full time since 2002.
I attended the prestigious Lutherie School in Milan for two years where I learnt the fundamentals of the trade that I practised in the workshops of the italian luthiers, among whom the master Luciano Lovadina.
Antonio Stradivari, Antonio de Torres, Orville Gibson, Leo Fender, Les Paul and David Rubio are an inspiration for me. Their talent was to combine in their trade a great passion with an incessant curiosity that led them to experiment and build many different instruments (Fender built amplifiers, basses and guitars, Gibson mandolins and guitars, Rubio violins, lutes, harpsichords and guitars…). Moreover they never considered fame and success the goal of their trade, which then arrived as consequence of their unpretentious and honest working with music. That is the reason why I always had a great opinion about them.
I have been constantly attending courses, trade shows, seminars, reading music newspapers and visiting the workshops of others luthiers in order to have an exchange and investigate my work.
I am very much into lutherie tradition, which inspires me, but I consider experimentation important to find one’s own identity as luthier and to give my instruments a personality.
I have been playing the guitar since twenty years and I am still doing it with the same enthusiasm of the very beginning. I play it everytime I can.