Prices and Conditions


You can find the prices on the page of each model and they refer to the characteristics listed in every description.
The price can vary according to the changing and customisation the client wants and I always give an estimation to the client according to the work he/she asks for.

All prices exclude VAT, shipping charges and other taxes, tributes, fees, excise duties. The purchase outside the European Union have no VAT.


When you order an instrument you have to pay 30% of the total price in advance and you will not be paid back if you cancel the order.
The remaining 70% is paid at the moment of the delivery.


The delivery time varies according to the instrument needed and to the time in which it has been ordered. Some models can be already available in the workshop.
Due to the high quality standards of my handwork, I produce a limited number of guitars during a year. Each order will be handled chronologically, therefore it is better to order in advance to avoid a long waiting time. Please contact me for any information.


The delivery will be done with an express courier, it is insured and trackable.
The delivery fees vary according to the destination and the instrument sent. Please contact me for any information.


Every instrument is protected by the legal guarantee in force in Italy and provided for by the consume rules (clause 128 and following).