Elegance, ease of use, originality are the characteristics of my handmade pedalboard. I suppose I am the the only one in Italy who produces an entirely handmade wooden effects pedalboard.

The mahogany structure reinforced in the central part guarantees great solidity and durability. The base is made by pierced iron, built-in the mahogany and made to ease the transfer of the cables in the underlying part. The upper part is thus orderly and nice, moreover the pierced structure prevents dust. If necessary the 9mm holes can be widened.
The underlying part of the grill can be also used as compartment for other pedals, power supplies or multi-plug adapters.
Some pedals can be fixed directly on the grill with their own screws, using a simple washer between the screw and the grill. Other pedals that have too short screws can be fixed with Velcro or hose clamps.
The wooden structure has two side holes to ease the grasping and transfer of the pedalboard.
The mahogany is painted with a natural protective varnish, each pedalboard can be customised.
I built a sloping pedalboard to ease the use of its pedals and to have a better front view of them.
The pedalboard has non-slip rubber washers to increase the stabilty and ease the transfer of the power source.
My pedalboard has the standard size 47x32x8 cm with a pedal wah/volume and 6/8 stompbox pedals. This size conforms to the suitcases you can find in the market (e.g. Panaro cases).
The pedalboard can be customised according to the customer’s needs.

I wanted to create a unique handmade, handy and elegant pedalboard and I reached my goal!

Data sheet PEDALIERA

External structure: mahogany
Grill: pierced iron
Diameter holes: 9 mm
External size: 47x32x8 cm
Internal size of the grill: 42×27 cm
Weight: 3,5 kg
Painting: Oil
Suitcase: on demand