Here some questions and answers about lutherie in general and about my work.

If I want to resell my guitar nobody would buy it

This is not true, there is a secondhand market of handmade guitars.
Several aspects, as price and conditions of the objects, influence the selling of an object. A lutherie guitar is not an exception.

Does a handmade guitar depreciate more than an industrial one?

No, this is not true.
An instrument first depreciates because of use, but then with the passing of the years it can be more valued depending on the production, the talent, the luck and the artistic value that the luthier reaches in his/her carreer. History is full of instruments of past luthiers that are worth a fortune.

A brand is a guarantee because everyone knows it, nobody knows a luthier. How can I trust him/her?

A brand is not always a guarantee. I try to be as open and precise as possible on my website, but if you need some more informations or if you have any doubts, please contact me anytime.

If I order a handmade guitar will it be as I wanted it or will I be disappointed?

I try to give the widest range of information on my website, in oder to give an idea of what I do and how I do it. Behind each instrument there is a solid and tested project. Trust by each side is very important, I lead the client with my experience to make the best choice, according to his/her needs.

If there are any problems with the instrument which is the guarantee?

I am a professional luthier and I signed up in the companies registration office, all my guitars are covered by a guarantee (see conditions and payment), as every other commercial product.

A handmade guitar is more expensive than an industrial one. Is it really worth all this money?

It is not true, there are industrial guitars that are more expensive than handmade instruments. In general a handmande product is underestimated if you consider the time needed and the used materials if compared to those of an industrial product. A handmade guitar is for sure a less expensive and qualitative worthier product.